STARTEK Fingerprint Scanner with RD Service


Rs.10.00 Cashback

 STQC Certified Single Finger Print Scanner
 UIDAI Approved authentication device for Aadhaar
 Compact and elegant.
 USB 2.0 Interface (High Speed)
 Fast scanning & matching speed
 Choice to set different security levels for different FRR/FAR demand
 Non-distorted image quality
 Small template size, ISO approved.
 Real-life applications-no problem in verifying smeared, scarred, stained and smudged fingers.
 Support verification on various server platforms
 PIV capabilities ported to a verification scanner – absolutely low FTE
 Outstanding placement to image/template/1:N identification performance
 Ergonomic design to guide finger position for effective scanning
 Adjustable image magnification option for children
 High resolution > 600 dpi (optional)
 Successfully deployed in very harsh conditions in remotest corners and dusty and tribal locations.
 The reader is totally shock proof, for accidental falls from table.(under 4 feet free fall)
 Suitably protected against dust and water ingress.
 Live Scan capability with ultra red below skin scanning. (Optional)


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